Watchman Catholic Charismatic Campus Fellowship [WCCCF] is the branch of the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement that operates in higher institutions of learning.


The Fellowship was formally inaugurated in 1990 with the mandate to prosecute the vision of the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement in the higher institutions of learning. Also, by virtue of her area of operation as a ministry for the higher institutions community, she is naturally conferred with the responsibility of raising an appropriate workforce for the various fronts of the Watchman ministry.


Like a mustard seed, WCCCF has grown from a few brethren in a few higher institutions in eastern Nigeria to an international ministry that operates in various higher institutions in all regions of Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ukraine, Cyprus, India, China, and counting.



  • Opening the eyes of unregenerate Church-folks and turning them from ignorance to the knowledge of the Lord and the riches therein.​
  • Opening of the yes of the other multitudes outside Christendom and turning them to Christ and to the riches of Christ.
  • Restoring, Reviving and unifying the body of Christ (the Church) for the rapture.
  • Healing the sick, restoring the disabled, delivering the oppressed and possessed by the devil’s and bringing the power of God to bear on the needy.
  • Warning the adamant of the judgement to come.


  • Raising a great army of Christians from the various denominations for an imminent great harvest of souls into the kingdom of God;
  • Bring about a great harvest of souls proper, and a great revival in the entire church;
  • Fulfilling the pre-rapture necessity (Eph. 4:11-15;5:27)

The ministry of Watchman Campus Fellowship is to execute the Watchman vision among students and staff of higher institutions of learning worldwide. The need to provide some special assistance to fresh Nigerian graduates who serve with the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Nigeria led to the creation of a subsidiary of the Campus Ministry namely, Watchman NYSC Fellowship (Corpers‘ Fellowship). Similarly, the Watchman Campus Fellowship Alumni/Professionals Forum was formed to fully harness the potentials of professionals towards fulfilling the vision of the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement. There are also other incidental responsibilities cast upon the Watchman Campus Ministry by the present structure and operation of the Movement. These include, among others, raising appropriate personnel for the work of the Movement and missionary activities.


Roles and Responsibilities of the Watchman Campus Fellowship


Here are the basic roles the Campus Fellowship is expected to play in the Watchman Vision:

  1. Receive, retain and raise up Watchman students and staff of higher institutions of learning in the faith and ministry;
  2. Make converts of other students and staff of higher institutions of learning and train them up in the faith and ministry;
  3. Help Watchman graduates and other members of the NYSC to retain or gain faith in Christ Jesus and to train and exercise their faith and ministry while in the service;
  4. Help Watchman graduates and professionals to realize and utilize to the fullest extent, their potentials and opportunities in furtherance of the work of the Movement.
  5. Beyond these basic roles, the Campus Fellowship is strategically positioned to:
  6. Contribute to the balanced growth of the Movement through making quality converts from among members of the academia, the NYSC and the professionals (Mark 16. 15-1 6; John 15:16); and ultimately raising heavenly minded, earthly victorious and rapture-ready professionals (Col. 3.1-3; Gen.1.28; Due.28.13);
  7. Effectively mirror the values of the Kingdom of God and tenets of the Call of God upon the Watchman to the world by raising model Watchman Christians (John 2.14; 1Tim.A12; lsa.49.5-6);
  8. Train up and supply the Church with technically skilled and spiritually sound dynamic workforce (Ps 27.3-5; 1King20. 13-14);
  9. Conceive, design and execute special programs/projects in the areas where our special strengths meet with the special needs of the Church (e.g. continuous education of pastors, missionary training, missionary work, youth empowerment, publications, etc.),


Strengths of Watchman Campus Fellowship

The strengths of the Watchman Campus Fellowship (including NYSC Fellowship and Alumni Forum) derive from:


  • Her Peculiarities: Due to the segment of the human population by which she is mainly composed- the youths, the Watchman Campus Fellowship constitute the strongest, most unfettered, most dynamic, most visionary, most innovative and most adventurous segment of the Watchman Church (Uon.2.14; Prov 20.29);
  • Her Plurality: The students and professionals in the Watchman are the majority and this means the Campus Fellowship has abundant supply of spiritually and intellectually skilled human resources.
  • Her position: The higher educational institutions are where human capital is created, hence, members of the Campus Fellowship constitute the best-educated/trained, most skilled members of theWatchman Church who can be easily marketed locally and internationally to the benefit of the vision;
  • Her Professions: A good number of her members are well-positioned in their various professions and organizations where they work with attendant opportunities that they can leverage to advance the vision of the Watchman (Like Joseph: Gen. 45. 1-11; Moses: Exod.2. 10-12; Esther: Esther 8.3-1 0)
  • Her Presentation: The Campus Fellowship is more or less, the face of the Watchman. The members of the Campus Fellowship are the most socially vigorous, visible and viable segment of the Watchman Church. They are the most visible and interactive on the streets, schools and social media, even in the worship and workplaces hence her image to the world (Prov.10.1)
  • Her Prospect The members of Campus Fellowship represent both the present and future of the Watchman Church (Ps.127.3-5). They are youths who are active in the now and still has the future before them.

 Harnessing the strengths and maximizing the opportunities of the Watchman Campus Fellowship towards the actualization of the Watchman Vision (1Jon.2.14; Prov. 20. 29).

The expectation of the Lord is that the Watchman Campus Fellowship should capitalize on her ordained strengths and opportunities to accomplish her roles and fulfill her responsibilities towards the timely realization of the vision of the Watchman. To accomplish this, however, members of the Watchman Campus Fellowship must first be real Watchmenof God (Songs of Solomon 1.6; Luke4: 23; Luke 6.42; Rom.2:21-22; 2 Tim. 2:5-6).

Identity of a true Watchman (Gal.6.17)

  • The kind of workforce that will produce the afore listed results must be a dynamic one, bearing the following marks among others:
  • The mark of genuine regeneration (2Cor.5.17).
  • The mark of absolute surrender to the Lord and His Church (isa.62. 4-5; Phil. 1.1; 3.12; Gal.2.20).
  • The mark of a desperate quest for Divine encounters and hilltop experiences, leading to a deeper and closer knowledge of the Lord, His truth, righteousness, power and other mysteries of the kingdom (Ps 42.1-2; Exod.33.17-33; Phil.3.7-11; Exod.3.1-6; I Kings 19.5-18; Isa .6.1-8; Math. 17.1-8; 1Pet.1.16-18;1Jon. 1.1-



This leads to a dynamic-prayer life and voracious consumption of the scriptures.

  • The mark of discipleship – a keen follower of God and His human representatives (Math.4.19; Mark 10:17-19; I Cor.4.16; 11:1; Phil.6.7; 1Thes.1.6; 2Thes.3,7; Heb.6:12; 13:7; 2Kings 2:1-15).
  • The mark of Christian brotherhood manifesting in sacrificial love and care (Acts 2.44-45; 4.32;1Jon.3.16-18; Jon.13.13-15, 34-35).
  • The mark of unity (Psa.133; Eph.4.1-6; Jon.17.21,23).
  • The mark of jealousy and burning zeal for the Lord and His Kingdom (John.2.15-17; I Kings 19.10,14). > The mark of holiness (1Pet.1.15; 2.9; Heb.12.14).