To accomplish the expectation of the Lord that the Watchman Campus Fellowship should capitalize on her ordained strengths and opportunities to fulfill her responsibilities towards the timely realization of the vision of the Watchman.,
Members of the Watchman Campus Fellowship must first be real Watchmen of God (Songs of Solomon 1.6; Luke4: 23; Luke 6.42; Rom.2:21-22; 2 Tim. 2:5-6). Identity of a true Watchman (Gal.6.17) bearing the following marks among others: ·
The mark of genuine regeneration (2Cor.5.17). ·
The mark of absolute surrender to the Lord and His Church (isa.62. 4-5; Phil. 1.1; 3.12; Gal.2.20). ·

The mark of desperate quest for Divine encounters and hilltop experiences, leading to deeper and closer knowledge of the Lord, His truth, righteousness, power and other mysteries of the kingdom (Ps 42.1-2; Exod.33.17-33; Phil.3.7-11; Exod.3.1-6; I Kings 19.5-18; Isa .6.1-8; Math. 17.1-8; 1Pet.1.16-18;1Jon. 1.1-

The mark of discipleship – a keen follower of God and His human representatives (Math.4.19; Mark 10:17-19; I Cor.4.16; 11:1; Phil.6.7; 1Thes.1.6; 2Thes.3,7; Heb.6:12; 13:7; 2Kings 2:1- 15). ·

The mark of Christian brotherhood manifesting in sacrificial love and care (Acts 2.44-45; 4.32;1Jon.3.16-18; Jon.13.13-15, 34-35). ·

The mark of unity (Psa.133; Eph.4.1-6; Jon.17.21,23). ·

The mark of jealousy and burning zeal for the Lord and His Kingdom (John.2.15-17; I Kings 19.10,14). >

The mark of holiness (1Pet.1.15; 2.9; Heb.12.14).