i. Receive, retain and raise up Watchman students and staff of higher institutions of learning in the faith and ministry;

ii. Make converts of other students and staff of higher institutions of learning and train them up in the faith and ministry;

iii. Help Watchman graduates and other members of the NYSC to retain or gain faith in Christ Jesus and to train and exercise their faith and ministry while in the service;

iv. Help Watchman graduates and professionals to realize and utilize to the fullest extent, their potentials and opportunities in furtherance of the work of the Movement.

v. Beyond these basic roles, the Campus Fellowship is strategically positioned to:

vi. Contribute to balanced growth of the Movement through making quality converts from among members of the academia, the NYSC and the professionals (Mark 16. 15-1 6; John 15:16); and ultimately raising heavenly minded, earthly victorious and rapture-ready professionals (Col. 3.1-3; Gen.1.28; Due.28.13);

vii. Effectively mirror the values of the Kingdom of God and tenets of the Call of God upon the Watchman to the world by raising model Watchman Christians (John 2.14; 1Tim.A12; lsa.49.5-6);

viii. Train up and supply the Church with technically skilled and spiritually sound dynamic workforce (Ps 27.3-5; 1King20. 13-14);

ix. Conceive, design and execute special programs/projects in the areas where our special strengths meet with the special needs of the Church (e.g. continuous education of pastors, missionary training, missionary work, youth empowerment, publications, etc.),