Solid Christian Foundation

Solid Christian Foundation Teachings are series of Bible basic fundamental teachings designed to remove doubts or confusions and stabilize the hearts of the saved people, who may have been afflicted with such doubts or confusions as to whether they are saved. they are also intended to facilitate the salvation of the unsaved, who may have thought that they are saved just because they are in the midst of the people of God.

Programme Procedure

1️⃣ First of all, the Foundation Teaching is for all who are born again (worker or non-worker), Intending workers, and all who are yet to undergo water baptism (immersion).

2️⃣ The mode of teaching will be Hybrid (Both Physical and Virtual)

3️⃣ The classes will be in clusters according to campus arrangement

4️⃣ The teacher will teach all the clusters at the same time via a virtual platform from any of the clusters

5️⃣ The virtual platform that will be used is the telegram

6️⃣ All the eligible participants approved by their CCs must enroll for the classes through

7️⃣ All registered participants must join the designated telegram group after registration, in a situation where a registered participant has no smartphone; the CCs should take note and carry him/her along in the cluster

8️⃣ Attendance is compulsory as part of assessment and evaluation, the CCs will fill online attendance form for all the participants in their clusters at the end of every class.

9️⃣ The classes will be Two times a week for 3 months (every Saturday from 4 pm to 5 pm and Sunday from 12 noon to 1 pm) CCs are to take note that time is a major factor for uniformity, every class must last for just an hour.

🔟There will be intermittent online test and evaluation before the last Examination that will lead to water baptism.