All Watchman Campus Fellowship leaders, Alumni and Professionals are under obligation to be attend the conference because the conference is a promise-child. The Watchman Professionals Forum holds the key promise for the fulfilment of the Watchman mandate.


Please,  imagine what this Movement will become if and when 70% of all Watchman professionals are rallied into a filial forum, bound together by Kingdom love, our trade-mark zeal, and common commitment to translate Isaiah forty-nine, verses five and six into material reality. It is possible if we act right.


Please, do imagine what will happen to the Watchman if and when we create a forum where such collection and blend of diverse, dispersed and versatile professionals can feel free to air their views, submit their thought-out, evidence-backed suggestions and bring their honed skills, opportunities and resources generally to bear on the ministry. We can make it happen!


Please, imagine the beauty and power of a forum where such spiritual and social ambience prevails that any level or caliber of men and women in the world can be reached, nurtured and empowered to contribute to the Watchman mandate. We can do it!


Please, imagine where five or ten thousand professionals pool their free-will donations and undertake a vital project in the ministry – completion and furnishing of The Rock Chapel, providing a sixty-room three-star level hostel at LOGISS, providing uninterrupted power, water and internet supply at LOGISS, et cetera. Together we can make it happen!


Take the trouble. Jesus took the trouble, and the Apostles too. It takes trouble to make a difference. We cannot afford to fail God. Come to Benin. I will come, My wife will come.

Attend the Alumni/Professionals Conference 2021. I’ll be there. Register to support the conference. I’ll do. Be a Watchman! I believe I am. Say yes, we can achieve it! Yes, through Christ, we can do all things for He it is that strengthens us.

Date; 25th To 28th November 2021.

VENUE: Watchman Diocesan Headquarters Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.

For Registration, Participation And Special Hotel Arrangements, Visit


For More Information Please Call: 08068351993