Available Hostel for online booking

Please take time and go through the available hostels and make a choice, then book the Hostel of your choice below. Note that rooms will not show when they are filled, if your desired room is not found, select the next available room/hostel Double booking is not allowed

Female Hostels

Male Hostels



Every participant must register and obtain hostel allocation card at the gate before he/she enters the compound.

Bauble booking is not allowed, the system is set to filler out duplicates and send information to the Hostel officers and you may lose your desired hostel

Each participant should show his/her hostel allocation card to the security in front of the hostel to be allowed to enter

No participant will be allowed to enter any other hostel, except that assigned to him/her from the gate.

No students items (foams, lockers, beds etc) should be taken out of their places, misused or spoiled.


Pastor Ebuka Ekedo

Chairman, Accommodation Comm.

+234 803 609 3119